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Get incremental sales and conversions at a fixed commission

Why paying for clicks and impressions with 0 ROI? We take the cost on advertising, you only pay a fee on the actual sales generated!

Great numbers everyday


Advertisers integrated

2.5% - 15%

Commission on sales

1 Billion

Incremental sales generated in 2023


Daily impressions

No fees, no hidden costs, no cpc

You pay only commissions on the sales we generate for you. You won’t pay for impressions or clicks.

No more technical issues

We take care of the technical management of your feed. By using a bit of science, we optimize and enrich your catalogue, and boost your performances.


We will publish your items on Google Shopping CSS, Microsoft Bing Shopping Ads and our comparison web-site, catalove.com.

Incremental sales

We increase your global reach and bring incremental sales to your e-commerce. We leverage the big data we collect daily to differentiate our strategy and boost performances.

Increase your global reach

Comparison Shopping Service is an effective way that retailers have to increase their global reach (impressions) without affecting their own campaigns costs (CPC).


We are a premium CSS partner in all the major European countries.

How Comparison Shopping Service works

Where Google Shopping has become an essential advertising resource for ecommerce, CSS has become a fundamental tool to increase and strengthen a retailer's position in the market.

CSSs work with online retailers to showcase their product offers on the CSS’s website and on Google.

Increase your reach

If a CSS (or more) and a retailer place bids on the same retailer’s product, the winning offer and the price paid by the winning auctioner will be the same as if those bids had been placed by one and the same auctioner.

Comparison Shopping services are an effective way retailers have to increase their global reach (impressions) without affecting their own campaigns costs (CPC).

Do you have any questions? Write us at css@booncy.com

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